Newsletter January 2017


1. Contact
2. List of actions, activities, camps, plus new groups starting and calls for solidarity – by country alphabetically

1. Contact

CJA is a A network of international (although mainly European) grassroots movements fighting for global climate justice.

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2. List of actions, activities, camps, etcetera

28 January – Germany
Rhineland Area Concept August 2017 Delegates Meeting

28 Jan – Amsterdam, NL
Tweede Conferentie Klimaatactie 2017

28 Jan – South Wales
Public Demonstration to close Aberthaw Coal Power Station

4 February – Edinburgh, Scotland
Scottish Communities Climate Action Network – Annual Gathering

4 February – Lisbon, Portugal
Iberian Anti-Nuclear Conference, organized by Movimiento Iberico Anti-nuclear

8 Feb – London, England
Ditch Coal Now ! A creative demonstration with voices from the front line of UK coal. By Coal Action Network, London Mining Network, Friends of the Earth.

10-17 February – ICAN Global Week of Action

13-17 February – Strasbourg, France
Protests against the CETA’s vote at the European Parliament.
(Hyperlink and announcement in progress)

13 – 19 February – Britain
Go Green Week –  is the UK’s largest week of student climate action. In 2017 we will draw our Red Lines on our universities, colleges and banks investments in fossil fuels.

17 February
Le Film : Irrintzina – Le Cri de la Generation Climat

18 Feb – France
BURE – Lutte contre le projet d’enfouissement de déchets nucléaires / struggle against the project of nuclear waste (CIGEO) in france
Journée de mobilisation à Bure. Plus d’infos dans les jours qui viennent.

18-19 Feb – Germany/France
Action days against uranium transports – Journées d’action contre les transports nucléaires

19 Feb – Hambacher Forest, Germany
Forest walk & Red Lines human chain

4 March – Amsterdam, NL
Third Climate Action Conference 2017

4 March – Nijmegen, NL
Reclaim the Seeds 2017

5 March – Encontro Nacional pela Justiça Climática, Lisbon, Portugal
(National Climate Justice Gathering), organized by various grassroots groups
(details to be announced soon, for instance at )

11 March
Fukushima-Demo 2017 : Atommüll verhindern, bevor er entsteht (prevent atomic waste before production), Hamburg, Germany

24 + 25 March
NO TAFTA – Strategie- und Aktionskonferenz 2017 zu TTIP, CETA, TiSA & Co in der Universität Kassel, Germany

25 + 26 March – ICAN campaigner meetings in New York, USA

31 March to 2 April – Göttingen, Germany
Aufruf Frühjahrskonferenz 2017 der Anti-Atom-Bewegung

31 March – Netherlands
2 April NL Climate Network Weekend &

4th of April ’17 local court in Erkelenz, accusation: rioting.

29 April – Washington, USA
People’s Climate Mobilization, a major march in Washington, D.C.

May 5-13 Global
Divest from Fossil Fuels(Fools) Week

9th and 23rd of May ’17, both 9a.m., local court in Erkelenz, accusation: trespassing.

Around 25 May (Ascension Day holiday(s) in Germany)
Climate camp Lusatia on tour – several days bike tour connecting places of protest in Lusatia
(this year no permanent climate camp will be organized in Lusatia, Germany)

TBD – Earth First! Summer Gathering 2017 – Britain

TBD – Germany, France, eastern Spain and possibly Switzerland – Ecotopia Biketour Summer 2017

31st of May, 12th and 26th of June, 9a.m. each, local court in Erkelenz, accusation: rioting.

25 June – Belgium, Netherlands, Germany.
Réaction en Chaîne Stop Tihange – 90 km de Euroregional Chaîne humaine – Tihange – Liège – Maastricht – Aix-la-Chapelle

5-8 July – Hamburg, Germany
g20-protest : gipfel der globalen Solidarität – Aktion – Demonstration

7 & 8 July – Hamburg, Germany
G20 summit and climate action day (7 July) to shut down Hamburg’s coal firing power plant Moorburg

8 July to 20 Aug – France – AlterTour 2017

13 july 2017, 13:00pm, Court in Erkelenz, accusation: trespassing.

17-23 July – Döbeln, Germany
Anti-nuclear summer camp 2017 -Nuclear Heritage Network’s 2017 Network Gathering

27 July–31 July – Britain, near Diss in Norfolk.
Peace News Summer Camp – Helping build a radical movement for the future by creating a living community today.

12-15 Aug – somewhere in Belgium
Summer Camp
Exact date (between 10-17 Aug) and more info to be announced later

24-29 Aug – Germany
Action days in the Rhineland coal-field 2017

24-29 Aug – Germany
Aktionstage zum Thema Kohle im Rheinland

October (exact dates TBD) – Worldwide
Reclaim Power is a collaboration between movements, local groups, networks and NGOs to strengthen the links between the climate and energy struggles. For 5 years running we have carried out as many actions in as many countries as possible against dirty, harmful energy and in support of clean, community energy. Join us!

6-17 November – Bonn, Germany
Conference of the Parties (COP 23) to the UN Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) will be organized by Fiji and hosted at the headquarters of the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn, Germany.
Second Ende Gelände action


20 Jan to 2 Feb – Germany
Film: Beyond the Red Lines at globalisation critical Film Festival Mittelhessen

23 Jan – USA
We will Resist & Reject Climate Denial

23 Jan to 26 Feb – Belgium
NUKE-FREE ZONE – Soirées de lancement & Formations à l’action

13.-15. Jan – Kassel, Germany
Vorbereitungstreffen Klimacamp im Rheinland und Degrowth-Sommerschule


Grassroots groups in Portugal, working on climate, fossil fuels and free trade agreements, launched an online tool to collect all initiatives: Agenda pelo Clima
We include in the newsletter only the items more relevant for the international network, but more local initiatives can be found in Agenda pelo Clima.

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative.Promoting public awareness about how countries manage their oil, gas and mineral resources.

The Coal Maps – Britain

Creative Resistance – A Showcase for Activist Art

Strahlendes Klima. Environment.Education.Media


On Climate change – by: time to cycle

France : stage de formation à l’action directe non-violente