Basel, Switzerland Invitation 29-31 March 2019

CJA meeting 29th to 31th of March, near Basel, Switzerland

Dear people,
As the climate justice movement regains momentum we meet internationally to strategise, share skills, strengthen collaboration within our network to spin the system change that’s needed to prevent a catastrophic climate crisis. Your participation ensures a diverse group of activists from across Europe who organise against social injustices and natural destruction, locally and across borders.


CJA is an international (mainly European) grassroots movement that connects climate camps, divestment campaigns, mass actions of civil disobedience and other struggles. We meet to share our skills and to reflect, to support and inspire each other. This is YOUR space. There will be space for strategy discussions and skill share in smaller groups. We invite you to fill these time slots (2 h each) with your content and to prepare something in advance. There will also be space for strategy discussions and skill shares in smaller groups. We invite you to fill these time slots (2 h each) with your content and to be prepared in advance of the weekend.

**Practical issues and registration form** We can only provide food and accommodation for those registered. The program will start Friday, 29th March at 19:30 (dinner 18:30) and will be over Sunday, 31th March after lunch. People will be able to stay in the afternoon to continue working together, chilling out and giving a hand to clean up the venue.

The Venue opens on Friday 29th March at 10:00 am: The whole of Friday will be an open space; that means the space of the meeting will be free for any group to plan meetings, side events etc. But the planning is entirely up to the groups, we will simply offer the space. The venue for the meeting is a big open space, which we can divided into three parts. Here we will work, eat and sleep.
We are meeting close to Basel. You will be given the exact address when you register.

Please bring your own sleeping bags and a sleeping mat if you have one (there a few extra for those who do not have). All meals will be vegan.
A Solidarity contribution per person per day is approx. €-10-13.

*There is a limited budget for re-funding travel costs, so we can support you, if money is a problem (and if you travel by land.)*


See you soon and take care!

The prep team