Brussels, Belguim 6-8 March 2020

New for 2020 CJA will be part of a wider grassroots summit where by2020  we riseup will be meeting from the Wednesday 4 March and then the next CJA gathering will take place (in Brussels) from 6-8 March 2020.

Reclaim the Power (UK) will also be present during the weekend, getting organised for the COP26 in Glasgow at the end of the year.

Registration is now open, please fill in the form here:

Here is the timetable for the weekend CJA Summit Agenda

Please prepare:
On Friday night, you will have the chance to present your group. You will be able to prepare a poster at the meeting that gives the basic info about your struggle (+contact address) and a SHORT presentation (max 60 sec.). Please focus on a few key messages (e.g. where are you based, what conflict are you engaged in, upcoming actions, what’s your form of organisation, what do you need from other groups). If there are too many local groups of the same movement, we would ask you to cooperate on this. There will be posters and pens at the venue.

Sleeping: Communal sleeping arrangements are being organised, please bring a sleeping mat + sleeping bag

Food: Food will be provided for a voluntary donation.

Intro of Program Tracks and Common Timeline

The COP26 track:
Hosted by Reclaim the Power UK, this track will explore the European movement’s response to COP26 in Glasgow in December. Together we will look back at previous mobilisations and lessons learned, hear from and input to the early planning of the UK-wide coalition, and together explore what the European movement can do to use COP as a moment to get our, not their message out there.

The By2020 Track:
How do we build on the huge diversity and power of our movements to achieve real change? How do we make the best of our strengths & plans, how do we help each other? As a grassroots platform supported by 60 European groups, By2020WeRiseUp will be holding its 5th European coordination conference in order to plan for a Spring (&beyond) of uprisings, mobilisations and fights for climate justice.

The CJA Skillshare Track:
Climate Justice Action (CJA) is a loose network of (mostly European) grassroots groups. About once or twice a year, people gather at meetings to connect with struggles in other countries, to skill-share, to inspire each other. The topics of the open sessions depend on what people offer or what they need.

Thanks to ende-gelände pour hosting our form and see you in Brussels!

CJA prep crew