Legal stuff

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PLEASE NOTE: It is NOT sufficient to simply carry the number of the legal team OR the solicitor when on actions/demonstrations. If someone thinks they may need this info they should call them team beforehand to find out which solicitor will be on call that day.

If arrested, the police bus on the way to the police station is apparently the last opportunity you will have to use your mobile phone (!) If someone on the bus has this opportunity at their disposal they can call the legal team just to let them know how many arrestees there are, and which police station they are being taken to. (do NOT give anyone’s name or any details – see note above) Then switch off the phone!

One should NOT have this number (or the solicitor’s number) on their person when at the police station, as it is incriminating evidence of intention to defy the law. If you do, make sure you have discarded it before getting to the police station.

You should just give only the name of the solicitor and the police will call them for you. The solicitor will let the legal team know where you are etc… But it helps if you can contact them from the police bus so they know in advance where you have been taken.

Please also make sure you contact someone NOT going on the same action as you and give them the legal team contact details beforehand. They can call them on your behalf if you don’t return. 😉

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