Groups Involved

The groups involved in the Climate Justice Action network are:

Goups in Belgium
Groups in France
Groups in Germany
International groups
Groups in Netherlands
Groups in Switzerland
Groups in Turkey
Groups in UK

    • TTIP Game Over – Belgium ( )
      Brussels based group wanting to shut down ttip + ceta trade talks using civil disobedience in framework of climate games (focus on Brussels, maybe with decentralized elements).
      Link to CJA: CJA as mobilization network. Also the competences with regard to transport, skills, training. We have that capacity here.
    • 350 Belgium – Belgium
      Local 350 group founded after Paris. At the moment working on promoting civil disobedience via mobilizing to Ende Gelände. Also working on divestment issues.
      Link to CJA: CJA to develop a common framework (and to have fun together 🙂 )
    • Ca prend des racines – France
      Group started from the COP21 process, trying to link social struggles with climate issues. Will bring a group of activists from french cities to the World Social Forum in Montreal.
    • Diffraction – France
      Collective created after Paris focussing on training for collective creative action.
      Mobilizing for certain events (such as corporate expo in Pau)
      Link with CJA: be able to show links to a bigger international network. This is empowering and inspiring. Also for the people we are trying to mobilize.
    • Laboratory of insurrectionary imagination – France/UK
    • The ZAD of NDDL, welcome space project – France
      The ZAD of NDDL has been under occupation since 2009, resisting the planned construction of an airport in the region. The idea of this collective is to create a welcome space on the ZAD to allow people to experience alternatives.
      Link with CJA: draw on the network of CJA to develop a rapid response unit for possible evictions and to exchange skills of resisting.
    • Velorution – France (Jerome)
      Biking activist group in france, mobilize on various themes such as climate and Energy. Organize a monthly critical mass and mobilized for Paris.
      Link with CJA: Met in cja to link with people from the whole of europe.
    • Attac Gerrmany / France
      Big network coming from the push for restraining markets. Now working on broader system change issues – ecology is part of that, but jet some work to do to embed the issue more broadly in the attac network.
    • AusgeCO2hlt – Germany
      Grassroots group focussing on work against lignite mining in the Rhineland, organizing actions and climate camps and publishing information booklets around coal. This year organizing a direct action lab in August.
    • Ende Gelände – Germany
      Coalition of grassroot groups, NGOs, youth groups… to shut down a lignite mine with a disobedient mass action. After the succes of last years action in the Rhineland this years Ende Gelände will take place in Luzatia, East Germany, from the 13.-16. May (linked to the international action week “Break Free from Fossil Fuel”).
    • Coalition COP 22 – Morroco / North Africa
      Coalition for climate justice, consisting of Unions, women groups, youth group, students etc organizing an assembly of the people during the COP 22 in Marakesh. Trying to use the COP to make the links with the North.
      Link with CJA: Expect from CJA to join the mobilization around COP22, helping the Marrocan coalition to get involved in civil disobedience.
    • Envol Vert – International/ S America
      Supporting communities working on deforestation in Latin America. Struggle against mega projects ( Nicaragua Cana).
      Link to CJA: Struggle in Nicaragua must be internationalized to get enough support.
    • Global Forest Coalition – International
      Very big network of small local groups defending the rights of those whose lives depend on forests and working for forest conservation through and by the people.
      Link to CJA: Join forces to fight false solutions inside and outside
    • Aseed – Netherlands
      Europe wide organisation focussing on agriculture. Working to highlight the links between agriculture, climate and social justice.
    • Beats against coal – Netherlands
      Dutch group making/supporting anti-coal events with good music
    • Fossil Free Netherlands – Netherlands
      Focus on divestment (ABP pension funds and universities). Link with 350.
      Fossil Free Culture – Netherlands (Selj, Theresa)
      Very new group organizing actions against involvement of Shell in Dutch culture, based on UK experience
    • GroenFront! – Netherlands
      A dutch group existing for 20 years now, focusing on direct action around infrastructure and fossil fuel. Current campaigns: coal in the netherlands.
      Link to CJA: Coordination of plans together but also sharing skills and knowledge.
    • Climaximo – Portugal
      Portugese group linking precarity issues, worker issues and climate issues from a grassroots perspective. At the moment focusing on drilling that will happen by the end of summer in southern Portugal
      For more information, see Call for a Just and Liveable Planet.
    • ECOAR – Spain
      Umbrella for small groups all fighting for anticapitalist, environmental, human rights struggle.
      Link to CJA: Involvement in CJA as a way to build international links.
    • 350 Barcelona – Barcelona (Judith)
      Local 350 group founded after the Global Climate March in Barcelona.
      Link to CJA: CJA as a possibility to build international connections and to exchange skills.
    • Geneva project – Switzerland
      Group linked to Alternatiba and CJA trying to link the abstract question of system change to the local level
      Link to CJA: CJA as a forum to coordination international post capitalst movement, linking different issues and powerful disobedient actions
    • Yuva Dernegi – “Future Without Coal Project” -Turkey
      Group linking working around the coal issue, linking local groups against coal power plants, national anti coal groups and international groups.
      Link to CJA: looking for european partners to raise voices against these projects
    • Northern Forest Defense – ( Turkey
      Group existing since the Gezi uprising two and a half years ago. Linking ecological with local social questions. Advocating for a ecological corridor from Bulgaria to black sees – and working on questions around it (Mega projects, Gated
      Link to CJA: better link with internationals and the climate issue (which is new to NFDs agenda).
United Kingdom:
    • Reclaim the Power – UK
      UK based climate action network coming from the climate camp movement. In 2016 organizing a mass action targeting a welsh lignite mine at the beginning of May, a series of trainings and actions (Groundswell) and a action against aviation
      and airport extention later in the year.
      Link to CJA: Need to coordinate and show visually how our struggles are linked.
    • Time to Cycle ( – UK
      UK based network that organises group cycle rides to direct actions, occupations and summits related to social and environmental struggles. The aim is to create a space where people can share skills and connect with other communities along the way, in order to form affinity groups and feel empowered to stand up, united, for a just and liveable planet.
      Rides have gone from the UK to the COP21, Ende Gelande 2016, anti-fracking sites, and more.