Convergent spaces in Paris

* L’Annexe – Hoche

Rue Baudin, 93310 Le Pré-Saint-Gervais (nr junction of Rue Gutenberg) // Métro Hoche

L’Annexe will serve as an art hub for people creating, running, performing or holding creative climate interventions throughout the city. We will have workshops in collaborative arts practices within social movements, street theatre workshops, guided meditation and yoga, social sculpture, legal briefings for international activists, creative direct action for beginners, carbon colonialism and corporate control, burnout prevention. In December the hub will also host a team of cooks who’ll be preparing meals for hundreds working on actions around the city.

* Le Jardin d’Alice – Montreuil

19 Rue de Garibaldi, 93100 Montreuil // Métro: Robespierre

The Jardin d’Alice is both a social center, a community center, an associative store, a popular university, a theater and a place of artistic and ecological experimentation. It is a citizen breathing space, a laboratory of living together o ù invent practices of tomorrow. The fact that it is run by artists is nothing other than the guarantee of an open operation, flexible and horizontal.
It has been opened for a few weeks to accommodate advocacy groups preparing to mobilize around the 2 weeks of COP21.

* La Générale – Voltaire

14, av. Parmentier, 75011 // Métro: Voltaire

An artistic, political and social cooperative.

* Citizen Climate Summit – 5 Dec. / 6 Dec, place Jean Jaurès, Montreuil

// Métro: Robespierre

Over the middle weekend of the COP21, the Citizen Summit for Climate will take place in the East Paris suburb Montreuil. With the Global Village of Alternatives and a Climate Forum, this alternative summit will provide a concentration of debates, workshops, screenings, performances, and presentations of concrete alternatives in the face of climate change. Check the full programme on their website.

* Climate Action Zone (ZAC) – 7 Dec / 11 Dec

Centrequatre, 5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris // Métro: Riquet

During the last weekend of the COP21, ZAC will provide a space for preparing actions and mobilisations, artistic creativity, and sharing information. Every day there will be legal briefings and a general assembly to allow for analysis of the COP21 negotiations that day, and the next day’s actions. Check the full programme on their website.

* Place to B – 28 Nov/12 Dec

Gare du Nord St Christopher’s Inn, 5 rue de Dunkerque, 75010 Paris

A place to sleep, a place to co-work, to exchange and debate about COP21 and beyond, a place to co-create new ways to talk about climate change and solutions, and a place to share (thoughts, talks, views, films, concerts, etc.).