Amsterdam, January 2018 invitation

Dear all,
we are delighted to invite you to the next Climate Justice Action
meeting! From the 12th to the 14th of January 2018, climate justice
activists from all over Europe will meet in the beautiful city of
Amsterdam to exchange, reflect and connect their struggles.

Two years have passed since the last network meeting — years in which
people have continued to mobilise for Climate Justice in Europe and
beyond. This new meeting will be an opportunity to look back at the
variety of actions and mobilisations, exchange about current political
developments, and think about how our projects can connect and work
together in the future.

To help us organise, it would be great if people could register
(especially for accommodation and food). You don’t need to give real
names, just the real number of people coming! 
Please do so before December 29th. 
You can reply to this email or fill in this form:
As the space in the venue is unfortunately limited, please check in with
your groups and networks how many of you are coming. 

In order to facilitate the exchange during the meeting, we encourage
groups active in the climate movement to share their perspective on
questions like:
• What would be concrete political goals and targets in 2018?
• What projects are you working on?
• What dates are important (or already planned) for your projects within
the next years?
• What capacities do you see in your structures and groups?
• Can we develop new forms of action to keep things interesting?
* What possibilities do you see for connecting our struggles on a
European level? Do we want/ need common narratives/ projects/

in the form of a short written document. Please send these texts before
the 5th of January 2018 to the following address:, in order to allow the facilitation
group of the next CJA meeting to include it in the preparation of the meeting. 
The preparation team will collect all the texts and share them with all of you via
the CJA mailing-list.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting and sharing some great
moments together in the new year!

The preparation team