Paris, October 2015


Call for the week-end :

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us in Paris on the 9-11 October for the Climate Justice Action meeting and meet some of the others who’ll be running around the streets of Paris (and elsewhere) at the end of the year.

On Friday, the meeting will begin at 6pm. We plan to start at 10am Saturday and Sunday and end at 4pm on Sunday.

The meeting will be held 37 Rue Baudin, 93310 Le Pré-Saint-Gervais (nearest station: Hoche, ligne 5)

Here’s the outline of the agenda. There will be a bit of time on Friday evening to make your voice heard and adapt the agenda accordingly.

We’ve planned to see who is around, what they’re up to and their existing plans. Some topics and initiatives up for discussion will include:

– Action proposals during the COP21 (False Solutions, Climate Games, etc…)
– D12 (December 12) action plans – existing ideas and new ones
– Convergence from the ZADs and other struggles arriving on 28 Nov and 29 Nov
– Logistics – spaces, kitchens etc
– Mobilising plans/info-tours (for actions during COP21)
– Other things being planned
– Beyond the COP

We are planning for various discussions to run in parallel so that if some folks want to discuss one particular initiative during most of the weekend, they will be able to do so. That also means that we expect only a fairly short/limited amount of time in large assemblies.

All this with some great vegan food (donations welcome) and even a few drinks if you want!

There will be places to sleep in very basic accommodation, so please bring a sleeping bag, mat, and warm clothes.
If anyone has accessibility needs then please email

To remind yourself of the decisions already taken by CJA about the way that we organise please check:

If you can’t afford the transport costs, and no one else from your country can attend the meeting, we have a small budget that could be used to subsidise transport in certain circumstances. Email for more info.

See you soon!