Ostrava, Czech Republic 16-18 November 2018

did you sign up already? We hope to see you in Ostrava!
The kitchen REALLY has to prepare the logistics, so please register NOW and not on the last day before you go.There is a limited budget for re-funding travel costs, so we can support your trip, if money is a problem (and if you travel by land.)

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The next meeting of the Climate Justice Action Network will take place 16-18 November in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Read the invitation and register here:


Climate Justice Action Network meeting in Ostrava (16-18 Nov 2018)

Dear people,

To all of you who organise against social injustices and natural destruction, right where you live as well as across borders: you are welcome to join the next meeting of the Climate Justice Action Network (CJA) in Ostrava, Czech Republic from 16-18 Nov 2018.


1.) What’s the meeting about?

2.) Practical issues and registration form

1.) What’s the meeting about?

CJA is an international (mainly European) grassroots movement that connects climate camps, divestment campaigns, mass actions of civil disobedience and other struggles. We meet to share our skills and to reflect, we support and inspire each other. It’s the first time a CJA meeting will take place in Eastern Europe and we are especially looking forward to new groups from this region to join us.

This is YOUR space. So we ask you to let us know which issues you would like to learn about and exchange, so we can include them in the agenda.

*Talking points that were already contributed*

– How can we develop the the Turning the Tide campaign further? The idea is to organise a long-term mobilisation, building up in 2019 and culminating in an international wave of actions in 2020, when masses of people will block pipelines and airports, protest factory farms or deforestation. The mobilisation will connect small groups and big mass actions and make our struggles visible as one campaign for climate justice. Read more here: http://by2020weriseup.net/

– How do we deal with the fact that right-wing governments are taking over in more and more countries, be it Austria, Hungary, German federal states? What does mean for the climate movement?

*Other possible topics*

How to not lose hope in a pessimist world – preventing activist burn-out

– What do we do when we win? What future do we want?

Cutting edges between the feminist, climate justice, decolonization and human rights movement

Effective teams, communication and feedback; creative activism..

2.) Practical issues and registration form

Please fill the REGISTRATION FORM here:


We can only provide food and accommodation for those registered. The program will start Friday, 5pm and will be over Sunday after lunch.

The venue of our meeting is a gallery, a vibrant cultural space with a bar and café that will be open all the time. There will be free collective accommodation in another venue in around 30 minutes walking distance. If you can, bring your own sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Food will be organised by the local Food Not Bombs crew. Solidarity contribution per person per day is 200 CZK – approx. 8 €.

Travelling tip: all people under the age of 18 or 26 with an ISIC and all people older than 65 have the right to have 75% discount on any train or bus ticket within the Czech Republic.

*There is a limited budget for re-funding travel costs, so we can
support you, if money is a problem (and if you travel by land.)*

We will send round a more detailed agenda on the week of Monday 5th November 2018

See you soon and take care!

The prep team